Wednesday, August 28, 2019

St. George Island Lighthouse, Halifax, Canada

Theodore ride and the lighthouse.

I was excited to make my work trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, because I wanted to explore another lighthouse to finish my journey of visiting 50 lighthouses. I am almost there. 

Yes, I did join the kids onboard the "Theodore" boat.  The weather was a little chilly and cloudy, yet a beautiful day to sail the harbor.

History says that “the original lighthouse on George Island was built in 1876. A second tower was built in 1903 but was destroyed by fire.  This current tower was built in 1917 and was first lit in 1919.” A lightkeeper's house remains standing next to it, which projects a historic lighthouse's typical image. It’s a beautiful image.

There is no access to the island, and the only way to see the lighthouse up close is via sailboat. 

St. George Island Lighthouse is an icon on this island. She's been a guiding star for many years.  A picturesque guiding star.

Our tour guide told us an interesting story. He said there are 30+ Volvo cars on the bottom of Bedford Basin where we’re sailing. We were all wondering how and why! Apparently, there are few versions of this story. One version says that in 1969, a container ship didn't have the correct paper for the Volvo cars' shipment. So they just dumped those cars in the middle of the Bedford Basin. It was unbelievable, but it could be true

Theodore passed by the Macdonald Bridge. We came across this billion-dollar huge ship docked at the harbor.  Maybe that ship is carrying Volvo cars too? We saw boats sailing by and ferry bringing people to cross the islands. 

I met the Captain of the boat and borrowed his hat for pictorial. Did he look like I scared him? Maybe I did. 

I enjoyed a nice view of the city on Citadel Historic Site Hill. After a relaxing stroll, I ended my day with a little pricy shrimp taco. It was good anyway. 

My Canada trip is not complete without having a cup of my favorite Tim Horton's coffee.  I actually had two that day. It kept me awake and warm.

My lighthouse journey gives me different and fun stories. This one, for sure, is something peculiar. 

I would go back to explore more lighthouses around. They have 41 lighthouses in Nova Scotia alone. Maybe another ferry will take me to see some of them.

Did I emphasize my passion for a lighthouse by wearing my lighthouse scarf and lighthouse hat? Yes, indeed.

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