Thursday, August 29, 2019

St. John's Lighthouse, Jacksonville Florida

Start in your own backyard. 

I waited the last minute to visit this lighthouse to wrap up my 50 lighthouses. It's a nice historical lighthouse . . . a drive away from my own place. 

St. John's River Light is located on the grounds of Naval Station Mayport. She is tall and stands 85 feet. Her old beacon has served as a guide for many years. Her beauty may have been faded, but she still holds her pride, power, and dignity. 

The lighthouse was constructed in 1858 and first lit in 1859. It was the third lighthouse erected at the mouth of St. Johns River and was designed specifically to overcome the previous lights' problems.  The first lighthouse was demolished, and the second was abandoned and enveloped by the river. 

After 70 years of service, the light was decommissioned and replaced by St. Johns Lightship. It is moored 8 miles offshore from the river's mouth. It would be nice to see this Lightship one day. 

Also known as the "Old St. Johns River Light," this lighthouse is the oldest surviving building in Mayport.  It is considered one of the most significant historic buildings in Jacksonville. 

Jacksonville, Florida, is my home now.  However, I find refuge wherever there is beauty.  Wherever there is love. 

Close to the light is the historic Old Mayport Cemetery covered beneath roadways and private development.  The number of graves buried on these approximately 12 acres of land are unknown.  I had goosebumps reading this memorial. To the graves on this ground that I am stepping on, I offer a prayer to all of you. 

I ended this lighthouse visit and rewarded myself with a big fresh fish lunch at the Safe Harbor Restaurant, overlooking the blue sky and the calm water of St. Johns River. It was a beautiful day!

Sometimes in our own backyard, we would find beautiful things wrapped up in dust.  They may be old or rusty, but if we try to dig in, or clean it or wash away the dust, we will find out that it has significance, too.  

Let us appreciate the beauty around us.  A dime, when treasured and kept for years, would have its own value. 

I secretly told myself with a smile and gratefulness . . . well done, Lia. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  OOO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you for this wonderful journey. 
Thank you to all who appreciate the beauty of a lighthouse.  
This journey was not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding. 
The experiences I've gained, the hardships I've overcome, 
the places I've seen, the people I've met, 
and the joy it has brought me . . .  make me who I am. 
These memories are all written. 

To those who inspire me to do the things that make me happy, 
thank you!

I am ready to face a new era in my life.

 I am ready to face another challenge.

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  1. Really happy for you! An outstanding journey that I was glad to play a small part in!!!